Business Continuty

Croft & Bender Business Continuity Notice

Croft & Bender LP is a registered broker/dealer with FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission. In accordance to FINRA regulations and our desire to provide optimal service, we have developed a Business Continuity Plan in the event a significant business disruption occurs. Our goal is to quickly resume operations in the event a significant business disruption occurs, safeguard property, and maintain the safety of personnel. The plan is designed to address key areas of concern including but not limited to the following:

  • Books and records recovery;
  • All mission critical systems;
  • Financial and operational assessments;
  • Alternate means of communication between the firm and its customers;
  • Alternate means of communication between the firm and its employees;
  • Alternate physical locations of employees;
  • Critical business constituents; and
  • Communications with regulators.

Events creating a disruption of business may vary in nature. They could affect only Croft & Bender LP, affect the building where the firm is located, affect the entire business district where the firm is located, result in a citywide disruption, or result in a regional disruption. Croft & Bender LP fully intends to continue to conduct business during these periods of business

To address these disruptions, Croft & Bender LP has arranged an alternate physical location as well as a plan for information and technology deployment that will afford the firm the opportunity to relocate its key employees and critical technology systems in order to provide services for its clients. If we are operating out of our alternate physical location we will arrange for our regular phone numbers to automatically forward to our alternate site. If after a significant business disruption you cannot contact us as you usually do at our normal phone numbers or through email, access our website located at

Please be advised that business continuity plans are subject to change and modification. Croft & Bender LP intends to update and test its business continuity plans as business conditions and technology change. Changes will be posted as needed to Croft & Bender LP’s web site located at

Should you have any questions concerning the business continuity plan please submit a written request for additional information to:

Croft and Bender LP
4401 Northside Parkway, Suite 395
Atlanta, GA 30327

Telephone: 404.841.3131 Facsimile: 404.841.3135