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Tensar provides specialty products serving the earthwork construction site development industry.


  • Industry Industrial
  • Type M&A Buy-Side

Tensar International is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services. Tensar’s products and services are used in the cost-effective development of commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal sites, as well as in transportation infrastructure.

Tensar was acquired in December 2000 by a private equity firm. After four years of significant growth, the private equity firm sought to realize its investment in the Company. Croft & Bender advised on the original management buyout of Tensar in 1998 and served on the Company’s Board of Directors until 2000, when the Company was acquired. Because of this relationship, Croft & Bender introduced Arcapita to the management team a year before the marketing process for the Company was instituted and provided ongoing advice to Arcapita.

Arcapita acquired the Company in 2005, and Tensar has since become a global leader in its space.