July 06, 2018

Croft & Bender Serves as Financial Advisor to Nuesoft Technologies in its Sale to AdvancedMD

Croft & Bender, an Atlanta-based investment banking firm, is pleased to announce the successful sale of its client, Nuesoft Technologies, Inc. (“NueMD”), to AdvancedMD, Inc.

Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, NueMD is a multi-tenant, SaaS platform providing practice management, clinical and medical billing applications to simplify all aspects of running an independent practice. NueMD clients operate more efficiently and profitably, leveraging NueMD’s innovative direct-to-payer clearinghouse that delivers same-day claims processing to practices in nearly all specialties. NueMD also offers medical billing outsourcing services through over 300 medical billing company partners, who leverage the NueMD platform to process claims and provide transparency and practice management automation to their clients.

Croft & Bender served as the exclusive financial advisor to NueMD on the transaction. "Croft & Bender has been a highly valued and trusted advisor throughout the transaction process. Their expertise and diligent efforts effectively prepared and positioned the Company at each stage and were critical in achieving a highly successful outcome for our employees and customers, as I move on to my next technology venture," said Nuesoft Technologies’ CEO, Massoud Alibakhsh.

“Massoud and his team did an extraordinary job building a valuable company and a highly respected brand in the medical practice management, EHR, and RCM space,” commented Ronnie Goldman, Managing Director at Croft & Bender. “We appreciated the opportunity to advise the Company throughout the process. We believe their innovative solutions and strong core values will continue to drive future growth.”